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Cab advertising in Kolkata reaches the heart of the city.

Among all the outdoor advertising media options in Kolkata, Cab Advertising in Kolkata is one of the most popular and accepted transit media utilising the unique space of the cab. Cab Branding in Kolkata is a very potential form of advertising that catches people’s attentionas Cab Ads are displayed on the body of the car so it is visible to the passengers as a lot of people use cabs.

Cab Branding is an ideal option to go with. Kolkata’s Cabs are an essential and convenient means of transport across the city including prime areas, markets, travel attractions and narrow roads. The cabs are also used for Cab Advertisingand promoting the brand..

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Growing urban population is accompanied by increasing mobility of urban audiences. ADONCABS holds 447 transport concessions across 20 District, reaching commuting audiences in the Kolkata’s busiest places from North to South, busiest roads to narrow lanes, covering 100kms to 600kms. Touching over 95% of the cities population, with more than 15,000 cabs covering every nook of the city, ADONCABS is the true mass market adevrtising medium.


High visibility for the ads along with significant eyeballs

Targeted Reach

Reach a specific target group millennials and professionals

Targeted Reach

Access to a captive audience with high levels of engagement

High purchasing power

Reach TGs with high purchasing power


Your Advertising Campaign Can Reap You Benefits Such As

  • Helps to attract a captive audience.
  • Excellent reach through high-traffic
  • More affordable than traditional advertising.
  • Cost-effective ways to boost awareness
  • Greater reach and visibility
  • Access to places where advertising is banned otherwise.
  • Effective medium to reach all stratum of society.
  • Boost sales and profit margins
  • Better option while other means are impossible to go
  • Eco Friendly mode of advertising

where there’s livelihood, daily commute is inevitable

Nowadays, Cab Advertisement is given the first preference by many advertisers as compare to other media option.