How effective is Cab Branding in India?

How effective is Cab Branding in India?

For consumers cabs/ taxis are a budget friendly travel medium for both short and long distances. But for advertisers they open a whole new segment for effective advertising. Yes, Cab branding in India is the latest addition in the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Taxi advertising is being seen as a passive medium of advertising where […]

How to start your Out of Home, OOH Advertising Campaigns successfully?

OOH may seem old school, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of date—or out of reach. This form of advertising is tried and true, and, if you get it right, it can provide a great boost to your business. What is out-of-home advertising? It’s just what it sounds like: advertisements that reach an audience when they […]

How Cab Wrap advertising works best on promoting your brand?

In the recent decade, the wrap industry on cabs has gained momentum and has reached the mainstream audiences. Adoncabs is one of the finest agencies for outside wrapping in transit media in Kolkata. The target market of vinyl wrap industry keeps on expanding and changing. The technological advancement is playing a vital role in the […]