Advertise your brand with Adoncabs!

Advertise your brand with Adoncabs!

Cab Advertising is another dimension of outdoor promotions. It can be used for your advertising campaign, which will reap you many benefits.

Adoncabs, the best car advertisement company in Kolkata, is there for you to provide the best of its services. They have the specialization of cab branding and analyses the market thoroughly to guide you the best.

The below points will persuade you to take services from Adoncabs for putting ads on cabs:

  • Busy Schedule – Nowadays, people are very busy with their life, so the consumer needs crisp, impactful, and informative ads that do not interrupt their busy schedule. Adoncabs is the right option to choose as they present the ad by using attractive graphics, bright colors with short and clear brand messages.
  • Right Target – Cab riders ranging from businessmen, leisure travelers, and local commuters view the ad on the vehicle from a distance or when experiencing the cab service. Adoncabs offers high returns as they boost sales and profit margins by turning them into potential customers.
  • Outdoor Advertising – Cabs are moving billboards that offer high frequency and penetration into specific areas. Adoncabs effectively used cab ads as marketing platforms by providing eminent car advertisement services across the city.
  • Innovative medium – Cab branding is distinct advertising for it has an interactive approach and not an interruptive one. Cab branding is gaining popularity and Adoncabs has already applied the formula to showcase various brands through it.
  • Limitless exposure – Cabs ply throughout the city and have great visibility. Because of the attractive design on a moving object, it becomes hard to ignore. Even if the cab is parked, it will still attract passers-by and continue its work. Adoncabs promotes the brand in a way that it becomes hard for the commuters to ignore the ad.
  • Attract Audience – Cab Branding is a very influential form of advertising that catches people’s eyes quickly because they are seeing the brand back to back on different cars. Adoncabs takes this opportunity and helps the audience to make a decision quickly which would increase the sales & reach the brand.
  • Affordable than traditional advertising – Nowadays, Cab Advertisement is given the first preference by many advertisers as compared to other media options as it is the least costly of all researched media formats. Adoncabs offers the best price in the market compared to its competitors.


So, if you wish to make your cab advertising impactful, then Adoncabs will be the perfect choice to reach out to the right audiences. They made their name in the industry as the Top Car advertisement company in Kolkata by providing top quality ads on the cab. They provide professional advertising solutions with impeccable precision at affordable means.

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