Cab Advertising in Kolkata

Cab Advertising in Kolkata

Kolkata’s Cabs are an essential part of transport system and are vital part of city life.

Cab Advertising in Kolkata is one of the most popular and accepted transit media. Advertising on Cabs in Kolkata is the most effective medium and allows advertisers to reach out to their potential clients within a city.


Among all the outdoor advertising media options in Kolkata, Cab Advertising is a premium out-of-home advertising format utilising the unique space of the cab.

Being the main commercial and financial hub of East and North-East India, Branded Cabs spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience.

Car Advertisement is cost effective way to boost awareness for the products and services and covers a wide range of area. It has one of the lowest costs with the highest possible reach.

As it stands out prominently, Car Advertisement is highly visible and provides great impact medi

um that directly influence customers buying behaviour.

Today’s consumers pay less preference to interruptive and interfering ads. Hence, Cab Advertising offers excellent opportunities to engage, inform, and entertain passengers, with huge possibilities of turning them into potential customers.

Car Advertisement offers exposure to local commuters, pedestrians and vehicular traffic and making them effective for advertising point-of-purchase and directional information.

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