Cab Branding in Kolkata

Cab Branding in Kolkata

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The Cab culture has evolved at a very high speed in Kolkata with the advent of cab services. Cab services are on high demand in cities for the fact that these cabs prefer personal yet budget friendly rides over crowded public transport mediums.

Cabs have become a popular means of transportation for the fact that they give more personalise, affordable and comfortable rides.

Cab branding is another dimension of outdoor promotions. Cab branding is quite prevalent these days as the economy and standard of living of Kolkata is changing and progressing.

Using Cab Branding for your advertising campaign can reap you benefits such as:

  • Higher brand recall
  • Diverse target audience
  • Greater reach and visibility

Access to places where advertising is banned otherwise.

In today’s time of information overload, the consumer needs crisp, impactful and informative ads that do not interrupt their routine rather fit in the routine effortlessly.

So, if you wish to make your advertising campaign impactful then Cab branding is perfect fuel to boost your sales rocket.

What is cab branding and how is it beneficial?

Cab Branding is a type of OOH advertising which stands for Out-of-home advertising or typically just known as Outdoor Advertising is being considered as most effective promotional way. Any kind of media or ad that is displayed out of home or outdoors is a part of outdoor advertisement.

Cab Ads are displayed on the body of the car so it is visible to the passengers as a lot of people use cabs for commuting to work daily and the passers-by also.

It is also utilized for marketing and business purpose and finds it beneficial to promote their business through cab branding.

Various Perks of Cab Ad Services

  • The cab advertisement is done in the form of exterior wrap (like a big full body sticker) and also interior display like foot mats and back seat cover.
  • These cabs ply throughout the city and have great visibility. Because of the attractive design on a moving object, it becomes hard to ignore. Even if the cab is parked, it will still attract passers-by and continue its work.
  • The interior section of the cabs is also used for promoting the brand. It becomes hard for the commuters to really ignore the ad even if they travel in the cab for as less as 30 min.
  • It is an effective advertising platform that offers high returns and by using this medium a solid advertisement campaign can help boost sales and profit margins by displaying relevant messages that are persuasive to the buyer.

 Why to choose Cab branding?

By advertising on cabs, you get to promote your brand to millions as the cab provides a comprehensive coverage of the Kolkata city every day.

There are immense scopes for creative design play and the brands get a captive audience for a significant duration both inside the car as well as outside. Ads are uninterrupted and have maximum impact.

Nowadays, Cab Advertisement is given the first preference by many advertisers as compare to other media option. Cab Advertising or Cab Tablet advertising is the least costly of all researched media formats.

As it offers exposure to local commuters, drivers and pedestrians Car advertisement is the most effective medium to reach target audience of all stratum of society.

Cab Branding is a very influential form of advertising that catches people’s eyes quickly because they are seeing the brand back to back on different cars, and they are likely to make a decision quickly which would increase the sales & reach the brand.

As Cab Ads make for a very attractive Ad and they are big in size hence, no one can miss Cab Advertisement on the road and makes the Ad visible for long duration unlike other mediums where the time slots for playing ads is fixed.

Cab advertising creates unique brand presence, and catchy messages can be put across with attractive images.

With the advent of cab facilities the face of advertising on Cabs has changed and Cab Branding became the most effective medium to go about for advertising.

Why cab branding is important in Kolkata:

  • Better option while other means are impossible to go
  • Excellent reach through high-traffic
  • Good for metro region
  • Eco Friendly mode of advertising
  • Offer at lowest price as compare to its competitors

Metro cities are now using cab services to reach their destinations with ease. For the purpose of Cab Branding, one can approach to advertising agencies that offer outdoor advertising services.

Hindusthan Online is one of the leading advertising agencies that deal with outdoor media services.

Hindusthan Online promotes the products and services through Cab Branding Services at best and affordable prices in and around the city by displaying ads internally and externally on various cabs. Even they take care of all the minute details for your advertising campaign.

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