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When it comes to reaching the target audience, Cab Branding in Kolkata is highly functional and effective.
As the cabs roam around the city from posh area to local lanes to commercial areas, from airports to malls to railway stations, it gives the brands freedom to reach wide audience scattered at different areas in the city.
Cab branding in Kolkata is such away of promoting a company through advertisement where the commuters can view the ad on the cab from a distance or see the ad when experiencing the cab service.


As it offers exposure to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians, Cab Advertisement in Kolkata is the most effective medium for all stratum of society.
Cab riders ranging from businessman, leisure travellers and local commuters opt for these medium of transport and as Cab Ads are displayed on the body of the car so it is visible to the passengers who use cabs for commuting to work daily and the passers-by also.


Cab Branding is a very influential form of advertisement that catches people’s eyes quickly as Cab Ads make a very attractive Ad and are pretty visible from a distance; hence, no one can miss Cab Advertisement on the road.
Because of the attractive ads design placed inside the car, it becomes hard to ignore. Even if the car is parked or stuck in the traffic jam or on halt for traffic signal, the ad is still live and attracts passers-by and continues its work.


While using cab branding in Kolkata the tag lines or brand message should be very short and clear and bold to appeal to the consumer.
Even the graphics and the bright colours are used for wrapping around the car for branding purposes is visible from far with presentable look that compliments the brand and grab the attention of the consumers.


Cab Advertising is economically viable and offers at lowest price as compared to its competitors. It has one of the lowest costs with the highest possible reach.
Cab Branding is the least costly of all researched media formats when compared to any other form of branding that are currently available in the market such as Television, News Paper, Digital Advertising, etc.


As the cabs are used for promoting the brand it becomes hard for the commuters to ignore the ad when they travel in the cab.
Cab Branding in Kolkata is an effective advertising platform that offers high returns and by using this medium a solid advertisement campaign can help boost sales and profit margins by displaying relevant messages that instigate the buyer.