How beneficial is advertisement on cabs for smaller business?

How beneficial is advertisement on cabs for smaller business?

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When it comes to small scale business, we often see the owners struggling with funds to run a good campaign with high visibility. Also, because of the size of the business, the investment also happens to be less. But does that mean that small scaled business cannot use modern advertisement techniques to do their branding and promotion? Of course not. At AdonCabs, we believe that irrespective of what the size of the business is, good advertisement can absolutely be a game changer. In this blog, we are going to tell you how exactly the services provided by AdonCabs can be used in the case of small scaled business to get the maximum visibility for their brand or product.


  • Very Low Cost


If you calculate it, you will see that wrapping ads on cabs actually costs lesser than putting up banners of hoardings across the city.  


  • Always on the run


As long as the cab is running, your ad for the campaign is running as well. There’s no holiday and everybody can anyway see the ad.


  • Higher percentage of people reading the message


Since cabs are very widely used in the major cities of West Bengal, it’s easier to catch eyeballs.


  • The living tenure is high


Unlike hoardings and banners, the life of the ads are higher when it comes to putting up advertisement on cabs. 


Business of any size has to rely on advertisement to thrive. Therefore, be it a big and old company or a small and new company, without advertisement, it’s difficult to get a stand. Adoncabs makes it easier for companies make sure their ads are literally everywhere in the city by paying a very nominal amount. AdonCabs can any day be termed as the best cab advertisement company in Kolkata.

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