How Cab Wrap advertising works best on promoting your brand?

How Cab Wrap advertising works best on promoting your brand?

In the recent decade, the wrap industry on cabs has gained momentum and has reached the mainstream audiences. Adoncabs is one of the finest agencies for outside wrapping in transit media in Kolkata.

The target market of vinyl wrap industry keeps on expanding and changing. The technological advancement is playing a vital role in the dynamics of the market. Also, the innovations in print and the production quality of vinyl wrap are sources of attraction for the consumers nowadays.

Vehicle wrap film is defined as the automotive aftermarket practice of partially or completely covering a vehicle’s original paint. This film is used either to enhance the appearance of a vehicle or safeguard the original paint from corrosion or dust. The wrap can last up to five years. Vehicle wrap is also used for advertisement purposes.

Rise in consumer interest to change color of their vehicles for higher esthetic value and provide protection to paint is a key factor driving the vehicle wrap market. Additionally, low cost of vehicle wrap vis-à-vis vehicle paint and increase in usage of vehicle wrap in advertisement are boosting the market.

At the speed of which the technology is evolving, it would be an underestimation to predict the future of the vinyl wrap industry. Keeping the target market trend and fashion in mind when producing colors of wraps and new finishes will be able to take the automotive industry to a new height. Keeping track of trade market publications is the key to innovation and demand production.

How to get the best ROI from advertising on cabs 

Having a killer-looking vehicle wrap isn’t enough to achieve your advertising goals. You’ll need to pay close attention to the content you’re sharing and how it is displayed. Here are a few tips and tricks on advertising on vehicles to get it noticed and make it memorable for a guaranteed return on investment:

  • Advertising on vehicles is typically on the move, you’ll need to make your company information easy to read quickly and from a distance. Here are some pointers:
    • Letters and numbers should be large enough to read from a distance.
    • Use an easy to read font. Forget the cutesy cursive and select a clean, simple font.
    • Keep it simple! Don’t clutter your valuable space with too much design and info elements or it will be too difficult to read.
    • Colors make a difference so choose a color that shows up well on your car wrap. The darker the background the brighter and lighter the text/design and vice versa.
    • Don’t forget the back! The rear of your vehicle is also valuable advertising space for making impressions on people sitting at a stoplight or in traffic.
    • Add a call to action. What’s the point of advertising if you don’t move your customers to engage with your business? Use call-to-action phrases such as “Call Us,” “Visit our website,” “Come to our location,” “Sign up,” “Walk in,” or “Follow us on social media,” etc.

Adoncabs are the best agency in the segment of transit media branding In Kolkata. They share below their experiences on the best way to ensure good ROI by using Cab Wraps –

  • Now that you’ve designed the perfect cab wrap, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth by tracking its success. You can do this by creating a new landing page on your website. Use that new URL on your vehicle wrap and monitor how many hits that URL receives. You can also create a new 1-800 phone number to be used solely on the vehicle wraps. Every time a call comes into that number, you’ll know the vehicle wrap was effective.
  • Sharing information about your company is always good, but consumers also like to know what’s in it for them. You can entice your consumers with a special offer, such as a discount, mentioned on the cab wrap. The offer could be worded as:
    • Use this code and save 10%
    • Schedule an appointment through our website and receive a free gift!
    • Mention this graphic and SAVE!

Vehicle wraps look innovative, are one of the cheapest forms of advertising, reach thousands of prospects and provide great ROI.

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