How do ads on cabs benefit the cab driver

How do ads on cabs benefit the cab driver

Advertisements like hoardings and banners are limited to one place and catch less attention from people. So there is a growing demand for ads on cabs as they are giving huge benefits to the cab owners and drivers.

In the recent past, drivers had joined together in response to changes in incentive policy. After the reduction of the incentives, cab owners and drivers have been facing a shortage of earnings. So they decided to incorporate other ways to supplement their incomes from driving.  They have allowed ad agency to put ads of various brands on their cars for additional revenue.

AdonCabs, the leading Cab Advertising Agencies in Kolkata, focuses on ad spaces in cabs like external doors. This new out-of-home advertising concept has now enabled drivers to carry advertisements to increase income opportunities.

In this process, AdonCabs will place ads internally and externally on cabs to promote the products and services through Cab Branding Services in and around the city.

While the Indian government has increased the base fare during peak hour or high demand, changes are yet to be notified. The government has also declared Ads on cabs are permissible as long as they adhere to the quality of moral decency and publicity, which are not distractive and unsafe and of harmful products.

Ads on cab will help drivers with an additional source of revenue in the future. They will utilize this opportunity and benefit from it.

AdonCabs is the best cab advertising company in Kolkata, that offers cab branding, outdoor advertising, and other media solutions. They make your advertising campaign impactful through catchy messages and attractive images.

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