How does Cab Advertising work?

How does Cab Advertising work?

Advertising on the cabs is one of the amazing ways by which a brand can be marketed to a mass audience. It has emerged as a non conventional form of extremely effective way to display a product or service and reach great top of the mind recall for a brand and create awareness all around.

There are distinct advantages in undertaking this form of advertising and it certainly yields very good results. If continued on a long term basis this form of promotion gives a tremendous boost to the marketing campaign. Cab advertisement services in Kolkata is picking up really fast as advertisers are now able to understand the effectiveness of this medium.

Targeted Taxi Advertising

A taxi advertising campaign will target an area more directly than most other forms of advertising.


Taxis being advertised are now present in over throughout the city of Kolkata. Since it moves around the entire city, this can certainly form a great medium to target the audience in the city.

Mass Market

The City Cabs spend up to 90% of their time in town and in prominent city locations. This will put your campaign in front of thousands of people every single day.

Adaptable & Flexible

Taxi advertising is the ideal medium to support PR campaigns and with tip seats and receipts is one of the few outdoor media that offers genuine direct response opportunities.

Non Selective

Taxi advertising is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in different city locations. Above all, a cab is passing thousands of people every single day while just doing its job.

Formats of Cab Advertising –

FULL WRAP CABS – Of all the Taxi advertising formats FULL WRAPS offer the most impact and visibility. Utilizing the entire exterior body of the cab to display your brand offers complete creative license there really is no limit to what can be achieved. Anything from a simple colour change to the most complex design or image, these can be replicated perfectly onto a full wrap taxi and will maximize your brand exposure.
Full wraps really stand out from the crowd and are a perfect way to showcase your brand and are ideal for long term campaigns. They quite happily stand alone or combine with Tip seats, Receipt pads and Rear windows.

SUPERSIDE CABS – are one of the most cost effective taxi advertising formats without compromising brand exposure. Perfect for short to medium term campaigns they are ideal for large numbers of cabs offering high coverage of a city. The entire length of both sides will be covered giving more than enough area for your creative to target a street level audience. This type of affordable format offers high visibility, making a huge impact especially when combining with tip seats, receipts and rear windows. Exterior Cab Branding in Kolkata yields unbelievable brand visibility in the city.

INTERIOR TIP SEATS – An exterior wrap does an excellent job of grabbing the attention outside the cab, but inside the cab, tip seats can capture their attention. Tip seats are highly visible to the passenger and with the average App Cab, the journey taking 25 minutes thereby allowing them time to absorb the advertisement in a comfortable environment for the duration of their journey. Above all detailed information on your brand including a web address, QR codes or special offers will generate instant response.

REAR WINDOW ADVERTISING – Rear window adverts are a highly effective Cab advertising format, having the capacity to reach other motorists and pedestrians. Moreover being the ideal height at eye level they are extremely hard to miss and are a valuable asset to a campaign, or as a standalone option. By using a two way contra-vision vinyl allowing the driver to see out, but not impairing the solidity of your design. Rear window advertisements can add that little bit extra to your campaign.

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