How is AdonCabs providing an opportunity to work amidst the lockdown?

How is AdonCabs providing an opportunity to work amidst the lockdown?

India along with many other countries all around the world is slowly adjusting to the pandemic crisis and trying to find ways to keep the economy functioning amidst a nationwide lockdown. With an increase in online traffic; the advertisement industry has had to rethink and refocus their attention towards making their presence felt digitally. With organisations of all sizes trying different ways and measures to retain their clientele and also attract potential customers; we, at Adoncabs have also morphed ourselves to suit the current situation and yet keep our workflow intact by not only keeping our customer’s interests in mind but also the safety of our team members.

Kolkata, being the cultural capital of the country is beaming with talented individuals who have a unique sense of art and we, at Adoncabs try to imbibe a blend of art and cultural heritage into our designs and messages which in turn create a final product which is quite unlikely to be found in any other organisation. Our teams are given a complete independent space to use their creative licenses as they see fit. This, in turn helps us to make our product stand out from the crowd. Adoncabs is making sure that there is ample opportunities for newcomers to join this field even amidst the lockdown by encouraging ‘work from home’ and also making sure that our existing teams can work safely and do not face any hassles.

Car advertisement agencies along with car branding companies in India wholly depend on their creativity and precision to outlast everyone in the competitive market and Adoncabs is proud to inform that we have paved our way towards becoming one of the leading Car advertisement company in Kolkata.

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