Outdoor media for advertising and their details

Outdoor media for advertising and their details

benefits of outdoor advertisements

With the gradual shift of companies to digital strategies which mostly puts social media and pop-up ads in the center, there might arise reasons to worry about if print media, of any given kind, is a dying breed. However, outdoor media seems quite able to bust this idea year after year. According to a study, the Out-of-Home(OOH) advertising revenue rose by 4.5% in the year of 2018 in comparison to previous years which accounts for a heafty sum of about 8 billion dollars. The primary formats in which the OOH experienced a rise are- billboards, street furniture, transit and place-based. Even when the digital marketing hype is up and running strong, the outdoor media has maintained its place and is still a popular choice for business.

What exactly is Outdoor Media?

Outdoor media, as the name suggests is typically any advertisement found and seen outside of home. Outdoor Media is primarily grouped into four basic categories which includes- billboards, transit, street furniture and place-based. 

In this article, the experts at AdonCabs are going to breakdown the different aspects of outdoor marketing and try to simplify the idea as much as possible.


Billboards are the most easily available form of outdoor print media which allows you to make a big statement simply owing to their size. It is also more visible to the community based on the size factor.


To put it simply, posters are very simple, smaller ad pieces that mostly allows you to target and focus on a local audience. 

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital billboards are a very flexible form of billboards that are brilliant for campaigns that needs continuous changes. Digital billboards allow you to bring about changes in your ad real-time, whenever necessary. It can also switch between multiple promotions hence allowing you to target a wide range of audience from a single location. 

Public Transit Stations

Due to availability of ample ad space along with the huge amount of the time spent in subway stations and bus stations, putting up ads in public transit stations is a great way to get the eyeballs.

Public Transit Vehicles

The newest hit in the market consists of placing your ad on a cab or a bus, or practically anything that moves in the city. It is a very intelligent way to increase visibility in today’s world where a considerable amount of time is spent in commute.  How well you engage is also dependent on how well you put your brand out there in human periphery. AdonCabs operates in this area of advertisement.


We at AdonCabs, believe that the key-point when it comes to outdoor media is ‘seeing is believing’. At the end of the day, what we are aiming and looking at is the visibility. Each type of outdoor media will give you a certain percentage of visibility number. But when it comes to grabbing attention, AdonCabs have some unique methods to rely on for maximum visibility attainment. And with the very affordable packages available, one can easily make the most out of the services offered by AdonCabs. AdonCabs being the next big thing in Kolkata is surely making numbers seem attainable and hitting the pillars of success way better than any other cab branding company in the market. For any branding or promotion related queries, AdonCabs is just a call or an email away.

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