Reasons of Cab Branding gaining popularity in Kolkata

Reasons of Cab Branding gaining popularity in Kolkata

Cab services in Kolkata has taken over the traditional yellow taxis accomplishing the demand of being luxurious, comfortable and fast rides in a single journey.

Car branding

Car branding in Kolkata is such a way of promoting a company through advertisement where the commuters can view the ad on the vehicle from a distance or see the ad when experiencing the cab service.

Car branding made communication more significant and responsive through the use of attractive graphics and bright colours with short and clear messages.


Cab branding has gained popularity for the reasons like:

  • Cab branding has been explored by only few brands and has worked in their favour.
  • Cab branding has also been the right approach to woo the target audience with something unique.
  • Cab branding has started taking the advantage of new promotional medium.
  • Cab branding is making people aware of the company as it roams around the city.
  • Cab branding is functional as it gives brands the freedom to reach wide audience scattered throughout the city.
  • Cab branding allows the brands to advertise for both the riders and passers-by.
  • Ads displayed on the cab remain live for limitless duration as a cab covers a wide area.

To make cab branding a part of the advertising campaign or to use it as a stand-alone brand promotional tool, one must hire an ad agency.


AdonCabs is one of the prime houses in outdoor advertising. Advertisement requires being far from being mechanical.

Ours is an organization which provides professional advertising solutions with impeccable precision at affordable means.
With this innovation that how cabs could be effectively used as marketing platforms.

Cab advertising services in Kolkata cover the hottest spots in town e.g. commercial areas, airports, hotels, train stations, and the city centre.

We make your business popular in Kolkata and many major cities of the West Bengal.

We feel glad to be able to provide our eminent Car Advertisement services in Kolkata.

We have been living up to our promise we made two decades ago, that is to gain our clients’ trust and we are not planning on breaking it ever in the future.

We welcome our clients by offering effective and customized branding solution.

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