Our Cab Branding Agency in Kolkata is unique in this industry that analyses the market well to guide you the best.

Services we provide

We offer Cab branding Services at affordable prices.

Exterior doors branding

Brand image and message is pasted on the exterior of the Cab on all four sides.

Internal Seat Backs

Laminated Ad placards are placed behind the driver and front passenger seat back and headrests.

Full cab branding

A full cab branding includes both exterior cab branding as well as internal seat backs.

We provide Cab Branding Services in Kolkata as well as other major cities of West Bengal.

Our Packages

A suitable promotion package is suggested by us and you are free to choose your own suitable package.

Gold Package

Our gold package includes promotion for a long duration, advertising on all major areas, full cab branding and personalized banners.

Silver Package

Our silver taxi branding package covers advertising in the bus back panel or inside the taxi. The service duration is not as long as a gold package has.

Contact us today for the Cab Branding Services in Kolkata with just a simple email or a call and our experts will listen to all your queries related to the outdoor promotions.