Benefits of using ads on cabs

Benefits of using ads on cabs

A moving car advertisement promotes your brand and visible to multiple people where promotion through buses and metro cannot be possible. Cab Ads put the brand in front of the audience and offer excellent opportunities to engage passengers and sideways commuters by turning them into potential customers. Here are the benefits of putting ads on […]

How beneficial is advertisement on cabs for smaller business?

When it comes to small scale business, we often see the owners struggling with funds to run a good campaign with high visibility. Also, because of the size of the business, the investment also happens to be less. But does that mean that small scaled business cannot use modern advertisement techniques to do their branding […]

Outdoor media for advertising and their details

With the gradual shift of companies to digital strategies which mostly puts social media and pop-up ads in the center, there might arise reasons to worry about if print media, of any given kind, is a dying breed. However, outdoor media seems quite able to bust this idea year after year. According to a study, […]