Distinctive approach of Cab Branding!

Distinctive approach of Cab Branding!

With the advent of cab services, Cabs are on high demand in cities for the fact that these cabs prefer personal yet budget friendly rides over crowded public transport mediums. Cab branding is another dimension of outdoor promotions. What is cab branding and how is it beneficial to both parties? Cab Branding is a type […]

Reasons of Cab Branding gaining popularity in Kolkata

Cab services in Kolkata has taken over the traditional yellow taxis accomplishing the demand of being luxurious, comfortable and fast rides in a single journey. Car branding Car branding in Kolkata is such a way of promoting a company through advertisement where the commuters can view the ad on the vehicle from a distance or see […]

Cab Advertising in Kolkata

Kolkata’s Cabs are an essential part of transport system and are vital part of city life. Cab Advertising in Kolkata is one of the most popular and accepted transit media. Advertising on Cabs in Kolkata is the most effective medium and allows advertisers to reach out to their potential clients within a city.   Among […]