How effective is the outdoor advertising?

How effective is the outdoor advertising?

In a city like Kolkata, commute is one of the key areas where a considerable amount of time is spent every day in the process of getting somewhere. On an average, every person travels for around a minimum 2-3kms every day. Apart from this, commute options like metro is also highly availed by the residents. […]

What are the advantages of using the services of AdsonCab over others?

In Kolkata, among all the outdoor advertisement media options, cab advertisement has become the most important and popular forms. It is an accepted transit media which utilises the unique space of cab. Since cab ads are displayed on the body of the cars, it is visible to the passengers as well as numerous onlookers, making […]

Why is the demand for ads on cabs increasing?

In an era of digital marketing, the world is currently looking at a trend which is not only relatively new, but also is reportedly more effective than most other ways. Ads on cab has become the newest and the most effective strategy when it comes to advertising and branding. We, at AdonCabs tried figuring out […]