Any business or brand is incomplete without a marketing strategy and for marketing you need to advertise it widely and wisely. Although digital shapes today’s business but outdoor advertisements has a major role to play. If you wish to promote your brand to millions of people, transit media is just the perfect choice.


Remember how our former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra made it big globally when her American show, Quantico was featured on billboards and hoardings at New York Time Square! She has made all of us proud.


Let us first understand about what exactly is OOH advertising and how does it help in brand marketing? It is out of home advertising which reaches audience when they are outside their homes. We often come across billboard ads, hoardings, transit media (advertisements displayed on taxis, buses, cars, subways, and trains), signage, etc. which helps companies, government to reach out a large number of people.


What is Transit Media?


Firstly, it is a part of OOH. Secondly, it is advertising placed in, on, or around modes of public transportation. They can be buses, subways, taxis, metros, railways or train stations. Our Government usually prefers this form of advertising because it is a great way to reach a really diverse audience. Be it tourists, families, corporate professionals or students.


Let us go a little deep into transit media with some examples.

We all cannot forget the traffic awareness billboard picture which Jaipur Police had put up on twitter. The aim was to warn drivers to not to cross the zebra line. As soon as it was posted, there was a humongous appreciation and criticism both. While some praised the creativity for the ad, some were upset too. It was put up right after Bumrah’s Champions trophy blunder. Well, we blame nobody for losing the trophy! It just wasn’t our day!

Transit Marketing (use of taxis): The Engineers Choice Ultra Cement chose taxis to promote their brand. Another one is from Chennai metro station where we can see wrappings of the brand Renault. Metro advertising has been in high demand from quite some time now because of the huge ridership.


Transit advertising has its own set of advantages and pitfalls for a business. On one side where it gets plenty of exposure, is least expensive; on the other for local advertisers, transit marketing can reach a much selected portion of population. And there might be chances that it does not carry the exact representation of that particular brand. Sometimes the ads can fail badly!


A lot of creative agencies are today showing their prowess with highly talented graphic designers, smart editors and copywriters. But only one thing can sell of your brand in a right manner and that is it has to be UNIQUE and something which majority of population can relate to.


Companies realize the significance of corporate awareness as being the most vital aspect of their business. To make sure that their brand or logo is constantly being viewed or noticed these companies go to unusual lengths, and it is known as one of the most cost-effective way. Car owners who want to earn a little extra money each month for driving with an ad on their car are potential advertisers. Riding around with a brand, they support Cab Branding and earn a handsome amount in return.

Overall there are immense advantages of Cab Branding. The same are as follows –


  • Vehicles provide a comprehensive coverage of the city.
  • Un-paralleled access and breadth, connecting with customers close to the points of purchase.
  • It breaks clutter and gets your products or services to command attention.
  • Immense scope for creativity and design play.
  • A captive audience for a significant duration both inside and outside the cab.
  • This is one thing you would love traffic for, the longer the halt, the better the re-collect!
  • External Branding stays on 24 X 7, giving you the best bang for your buck in terms of visibility.
  • For all of this, Cab Branding is immensely cost effective!


With a constant evolvement in spirit and professionalism, Adoncabs make their mark as the best Transit Media Branding in Kolkata. Adoncabs is transforming the OOH Industry as one of finest best outdoor advertisement agency in Kolkata.

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