What are the advantages of using car wraps to advertise?

What are the advantages of using car wraps to advertise?

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Did you ever think that the best possible advertising solution would be there right in front of your eyes in the parking lot while we kept on frantically searching for it almost everywhere? We guess not. At AdonCabs, we often get queries related to how effective this means of advertising is in the longer. We get so many of these questions that we finally decided on writing an actual blog answering all your questions. 

The experts at Adoncabs have jotted down a few points which will help in understanding if using car wraps actually makes sense or not. Let’s see it through.


  • Talk about the cost


Using cab advertisement can fetch you around 10,950,000 impressions annually if the cab is out every day, which is actually a very good number. Also, when you use a wrap on your cab for putting up an ad, you are also putting up a shield on your vehicle that will save the paint and help in avoiding scratches on the cab. So it’s typically a win-win situation.


  • Never a Holiday


Be it a weekend or a declared holiday, as long as your cab is out in public, there is no holiday when it comes advertising. And the more people see your ad, the better visibility your campaign gets.


  • Bigger is better


In case you run a small business with just one vehicle, with the cab branding wrap, it is easy to heighten the perception of your company. It also provides certain amount of credibility.


  • It Stays


This form of advertisement doesn’t perish with time. Nor can someone use an ‘ad blocker’ to stop it from gaining visibility. Hence, your campaign is going to be up and running in literal terms. 


Adoncabs provides three types of cab branding consisting of exterior cab branding, internal cab brand and complete cab branding. One can avail these services by registering with the packages available. Adoncabs is a great place to start with cab branding and advertisement. And when it comes to asking for expert opinions, Adoncabs should always be your go-to. No wonder, Adoncabs is the most sought after cab branding company in Kolkata.


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