What is the future of transit media advertising?

What is the future of transit media advertising?

Advertising, in general, is undergoing a sequential change in nature across the globe. We are all living in a digital age and when we talk about any form of advertising then the same would have to be more direct, more personalized, and interactive using the digital sphere.

The impact of data and application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in all industry spheres, especially in advertising is opening up great vistas in the field of OOH as well in transit media advertising. Although the effect has not opened up in a city like ours in India, yet to say that it will happen shortly, would be an understatement. There are outdoor advertising agencies in Kolkata who would continue to function as in the conventional model, yet they cannot be in the oblivion to change in circumstances and the scenarios where their clients would seek greater exact measurement of reach and hence certified and verified authentic data on customer engagement.

Taken that into account, OOH will start featuring in AR, in short, ‘Augmented Reality’.

Augmented Reality – what is it exactly?

AR is an infusion of a new concept in media today. It is the application of cutting-edge digital technology with advertising turning the ads into more realistic and life like on the digital format. It makes advertisers sit up and reach out to their customers and make it interactive through the use of handheld devices like that of mobile phones. It can be made applicable to any static advertisement placed in a billboard or in a transit media format.

A hypothetical example – A cab with an advertisement passes by you emitting a signal through their QR code, which flashes on your mobile phone screen, and you engage with the messages that come flashing. All customer queries are answered back by the brand owners. Your data gets registered on the server of the advertiser along with the details of the cab, location, time and date, so on and so forth, all with the help of Artificial Intelligence mapping and interacting with the customer.

So what’s the takeaway point for transit media and cab advertisement services in a city like Kolkata –

  • All cabs would be driverless and would be completely driven around with navigation and control by the AI.
  • Passengers would not focus on the road rather focus on augmented reality advertising on the cab utilizing their time in the passage.
  • All data would be encrypted to the customer/passenger
  • Engagement of the target audience would be recorded and the efficacy of the medium would be monitored.
  • The recall value of brands would be considerably higher and extremely focused.
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