Why is AdonCabs the next big thing in Kolkata?

Why is AdonCabs the next big thing in Kolkata?

There is no A-plan when it comes to advertising and branding. What works for you, might not work for the other firm. Hence, it is all about the strategy and how you are implementing it in a given scenario. When it comes to advertising in Kolkata, the main scene has evolved in a way such that a lot of experimental advertising formats are being adopted and practiced which leads to a success rate of roughly 70%. Advertising on cabs is one such method. 

If advertising on cabs can be called as an art of advertisement, the AdonCabs surely is an artist. An advertisement agency that has been instrumental in making ‘advertisement on cabs’ a famous idea of advertising is what AdonCabs is known for. And surely, it fits into the ‘next big thing’ quota in Kolkata. Now you may ask about how effective it is. Hence, the experts at AdonCabs have compiled some points why this method of advertising is working for a number of their clients. And the reasons are:

  1. Ads put up on commute helps in reached a larger target audience.
  2. This mode actually makes your money worth. The impact that 500 cabs can deliver in a month is way more than a billboard can.
  3. It helps in generating positive response.
  4. It helps in creating a buzz and also at the same time increases awareness.
  5. The restrictions are bypasses and is instrumental in influencing a lucrative market.
  6. This mode can be availed even within a small budget. 
  7. The shelf time of these promotions is way longer than any other media format.

Having stated everything, we don’t think that there can be any other better way of putting your product or brand out there and there can be no other firm doing it better for you than the AdonCabs. Hence, AdonCabs is definitely the next big thing in Kolkata while being the best cab advertising agency in the city.

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