Why is Cab advertising the best form of transit promotion?

Why is Cab advertising the best form of transit promotion?

Cab advertising has evolved as the best and the latest format of OOH advertising and transit media in Kolkata. Traditionally OOH advertising has been predominantly been strong in this city as billboards all across this Metropolis have been the most preferred choice for decades in the process of establishing brands and selling products.


Transit advertising is a type of out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor billboard advertising that is found on the outside or inside of public vehicles like buses, trains, subways, cabs and also in the transit terminals/stations. Based upon the product or service that you want to advertise, transit advertising can be a very beneficial method of your marketing plan. Out of all categories Car branding in Kolkata is fast evolving as the most efficient media of all


Here is why how transit advertising is still relevant in this day and age:


You Just Can’t Be Ignored!

There’s something magical about those cab advertisements. Your audience will just not be able to evade your advertisement by changing channels, or fast-forwarding like they can do while watching TV or listening to the radio. Moreover, when a person is sitting on a train or a bus, it’s just impossible to ignore your ad because it’s hanging right in front of them all the time!


They All Are There, You Just Need To Grab!

With transit advertisement, you can target a wide range of audience of different ages and income groups. Based on your product/service that you offer, you can also target families, tourists, professionals, or students. With App Cabs like Ola and Uber moving throughout the city of Kolkata, they have not only changed the complete dimension of travelling in the city, they also have brought in convenience and pleasantries for the masses and literally have made brands more visible and recountable.


Long Exposure!

That’s one of the biggest advantages of a transit advertisement.  An average ride on public transport lasts for 30 minutes where passengers have nothing else to do and nowhere to go. They spend the time viewing advertisements that are around.  Your advertisement gets the chance of a longer exposure with enough time to get registered in their minds with an increased recall value.


Frequency At No Extra Cost!

Most daily commuters travel on fixed routes at scheduled times in buses or trains, meaning they get to see your ad repeatedly. If someone is taking the App Cabs or using the same cab for the whole day, it is a fact that the mass visibility of the brand advertised in a month increases manifold! The more exposure, better are the chances that your ad creates a permanent impression on their mind and in turn serving your purpose. Transit Media Branding In Kolkata is coming of age and creating the best results at a minimum cost.


You Can Be Just In Time!

Many shoppers use public transport while going shopping.  Buses running along the route of a particular shopping area carrying your advertisement could help in making your ad timely and appropriate to draw the attention of such people.


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