Why Taxi Advertising looks very appealing in the future?

Why Taxi Advertising looks very appealing in the future?

The increasing advertising spending across the world and a growing number of taxis on the road are driving the taxi signage market. Advertising companies find advertising through LCD screens in a taxi as an efficient way of promoting their clients and engaging passengers throughout their ride by providing entertainment.

Taxi advertising is one of the most immediately recognizable kinds of outdoor advertising. Taxi ads are used by advertisers to make a huge impact on riders, other drivers, and even pedestrians. Taxi top ads, partial or full wrapped taxi ads, taxi trunk ads, or in-cab ads are some of the options available for the advertisers. Cab advertisement agencies in Kolkata is following international trends which can impact us here too.

Additionally, taxi advertising is a constantly moving system, allowing the potential customers to view advertisements. Taxi advertising also lets companies reach out to customers rather than them reaching out to companies. They bring ads directly to riders. Taxi advertising is the perfect medium for brands to express their messaging in a fun, creative, and mobile way that allows them to make a huge impact on many people.

What’s in it?

Taxi signage is a way of advertising through the LCD screens that are placed on the headrests of front row seats in taxis. Through these screens, advertising agencies help their clients to promote their products. Along with advertisements, riders can also view entertainment content, such as music and movies. Software providers develop user interface in these screens as per the client’s business needs.

The scope of the taxi signage market includes rear-seat infotainment/entertainment systems and a comparative analysis of taxi wraps and taxi roof-mounted signage. All these are available with the prominent cab advertisement services in Kolkata.

Digital out-of-home advertising has been incorporated across many industries to analyze the digital taxi signage industry.

Key Market Trends

Increasing Digital OOH Advertising Spending Driving the Demand for In-Taxi Digital Signage Market

Over the past few years, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry has created several opportunities for advertising agencies. Unlike other channels of advertising, OOH has the potential to reach active consumers as compared to traditional ways of advertising, such as Billboards.

Although there are several OOH advertising methods, digital OOH advertising has gained a good pace over the past few years. DOOH includes digital screens and kiosks in buildings, airports, and shopping malls.

It is expected that, by the end of 2022, the digital OOH adverting sector may surpass the conventional OOH sector. Cab advertisement agencies in Kolkata goes by studies by several research organizations across the world, which indicated that advertising through taxis creates more impact than a static billboard.

As a result, the advertisements may remain active 21 times per shift and will be seen by around 30 people. Considering the number of shifts per day and the number of cabs in New York, a single advertisement could be seen approximately 1.2 million times per day.

  • In 2016, TOPAZ Digital announced a six-month trial installation of seven-inch display screens in CO-OP taxi line in Edmonton. After the successful completion, the company installed these screens in more than 500 cars.
  • In 2017, Amsterdam-based Cabture partnered with Samsung’s Knox customization to enhance the customer experience in its taxi service. The company provided Cabture with Galaxy Tab 4 models and also customized the interface so that it meets the requirements of the customers.

Cab advertisement services in Kolkata is entering into these latest global trends and would try to incorporate the same here as well.

Several such developments have taken place over the past five years. All these factors have collectively contributed to the growth of the taxi signage market.

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